Most companies who provide field services are still using paperwork and spreadsheets as a part of their process.  If you don’t have a huge company, justifying a field service software can be difficult. Most companies feel this way at first.  However, they see significant improvements when they start using a field service software, such as AgileField

Is it time to upgrade your paper and spreadsheets to an efficient field service platform?  How will you know? It’s probably time to consider AgileField field service software if you’re experiencing any of the following:

Poor customer satisfaction

Customers can be unhappy for a number of things.  And we’ve already talked about the importance of providing them great field service. This becomes increasingly important as your company grows.  If your customers are complaining about the following issues, what are you waiting for?

  • Late arrivals or no-shows
  • Incomplete repairs
  • Damage to their property
  • Field tech has no knowledge of prior damages and repairs
  • It’s difficult to schedule with office staff

Lost or inaccurate forms

If you’re using paper, you know how hard it can be to make sure techs in the field fill out the whole form.  You also know at least once a week you’re going to get paperwork back crumpled in a ball, with a coffee or food stain, or worse, not get it back at all.  

Repairs take multiple visits

There are a bunch of reasons your techs might need to visit multiple times to complete a repair.  However, some of these reasons are easily avoidable. Ask yourself why this is happening. Do your techs need more information about the customer’s history?  Do your techs not have the parts they need to finish the repair? Is the customer not available during the visit? These reasons are all common amongst service companies who are not utilizing a mobile field service app.  

Scheduling is too difficult

How long does it take you to schedule a new job?  Visibility is one of the biggest issues for field service companies.  If you don’t know where your techs are or what they’re working on, it might be time to upgrade.  Can your dispatchers easily assign new work to techs with the right skills and the closest area? If your dispatchers and field techs have to trade multiple phone calls to get things scheduled or find their assigned jobs, that is time spent not on the phone with your customers.

Accounting process takes too long

When all the work is done, how do you get paid?  How long does it take? If the answer is more than a few minutes, you should consider a field service software.  Many companies have field techs or office staff spending shift hours entering notes and information from the field into the accounting system.  Mistakes can be made. Papers might be lost. Your field service system should automatically populate information from your digital forms and notes.  This information should be sent to accounting so you can get paid automatically!

If any of the points we’ve mentioned seem eerily familiar, it’s time to consider AgileField field service management software.  Improve your customer satisfaction with a portaland automatic notifications.  Customize digital forms to ensure you get the correct information in real time to eliminate double entry.  Make sure your techs have the parts they need on their vehicles to get work done the first time. Easily schedule using drag-and-drop view, a map view, or even an auto-scheduler.  Integrate your CRM system software to send invoices automatically and get paid faster.


Ready to see how AgileField field service software can benefit you?