It’s exciting to launch a new CRM system or upgrade to a new system with all the bells and whistles. That said, it’s also important to make sure that the entire CRM implementation runs smoothly from project inception to completion. These four tips will help your project get off to a strong start and finish with a flourish.

Four Tips: CRM Implementation

  1. Find an internal champion: Critical to the successful implementation of your CRM system is an internal project champion. The term “champion” comes from the Middle Ages, where royalty would select a special knight to be their champion in tournaments and battles. The champion represented royalty and thus had the power to advocate for the royal person’s goals. Within a company, the CRM champion should be a senior-level executive who has the ear of the CEO and other top brass, and who believes in the power of the CRM to meet business goals. The champion can advocate for the CRM project, ensure complete buy-in, and secure the resources necessary for the project’s completion.
  2. Assign a project manager: Although a team will work on the CRM planning and implementation, one person should be assigned the responsibility of guiding the project’s timeline and deliverables. A project manager can review all of the tasks associated with completion and implementation, prod anyone behind on deadlines, and keep the entire project on time and on budget.
  3. Train a super user: Super Users don’t wear superhero capes, but they should. These are people on your team who will learn the system inside and out so that they can train others, answer questions, and perform basic troubleshooting for your company once the system is launched. Ask for volunteers from the teams using the system the most, and ensure they receive adequate training.
  4. Launch with a flourish: Your project’s final launch should be a celebration and well-publicized within the company. Launch with a flourish! Have the Champion make a grand announcement and congratulate the Project Manager publicly for a job well-done. Build a launch training meeting into the schedule with subsequent follow-up training sessions so that there is plenty of hands-on use of the system. Continue to promote the system for several weeks and months until it becomes second nature for everyone to use it.

Other Implementation Tasks

Successful implementation also includes the development of a CRM guideline, process, or training manual. This document can be simple and streamlined but should include guidance for teams on what to input into the system, how frequently to update the system, and how to use the system.

Lastly, be sure you have a feedback system in place. Users need to report bugs, problems, and requests for future updates to a designated person so that this information can be acted upon during the next upgrade.

CRMPlus Consulting

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