Charles Kemmerer

Managing Partner

Charles Kemmerer earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University. After spending five years in medical research and ten in Healthcare consulting, Charlie became interested in sales automation in 1992, when he picked up a program called ACT Light for DOS. He eventually became an authorized dealer and within a week had a referral to one of the hospitals he had done work for. As his clients outgrew ACT, Charlie became one of the first certified resellers for Infor CRM. He formed Kemmerer & Associates in 1997, a company providing sales automation solutions. As the need for quality, comprehensive solutions evolved, Kemmerer & Associates evolved with them and became CRMPlus Consulting in 2006, one of the first companies in Florida to offer a comprehensive solution to mid-sized companies.

Charlie has received numerous awards for his work to which he attributes to his consultative sales approach. Traditionally, sales training was feature – benefit – pain based. Charlie knew he could support customers more effectively by focusing on the issues they were facing, determine how CRMPlus could solve those issues, and ultimately make the customers’ business better. Charlie has also always taken the approach that if he doesn’t have a solution, he won’t try to force one. He states, “We are not about selling something. We are about helping to solve problems. We want to learn your business, identify your problems, come back with solutions that work and help you do your job better, make more money, and better utilize resources. That is the joy that we get out of our business.”

Chris Reich

Senior Consultant

ChrisPrior to joining CRMPlus in 2007 as a Senior Consultant, Chris was the Director of Product Management for Infor CRM. During his time at Sage, he gained experience with all aspects of product management, project planning, and development lifecycle including needs identification, business case development, user functional requirements, technical development, and so much more. His background in software engineering adds technical perspective to effectively translate customer needs into production requirements.

This experience working for the software developer gives him a unique insight into the inner workings of the Infor CRM system. He has been able to take that knowledge and apply it to CRMPlus clients. He enjoys analyzing customer needs and executing strategic product plans to meet those demands through creative problem solving in a collaborative environment.

Chris’ role within the company is to help make sure projects are started and finished with the client’s needs in mind. He participates in discovery meetings with new clients, provides solution design, manages the project through to implementation, and even does some client training. The result is the best possible solution for the customers. 

Susan Orkies

CRM Systems Analyst

Susan first met Charlie Kemmerer, President of CRMPlus Consulting, while she was working at a company where Charlie had sold and supported Infor CRM. Susan was the CRM Administrator and worked closely with Charlie as the company wanted extensive customizations to the program.

Charlie and Susan recently reconnected while he was looking for a CRM Systems Analyst to help a client who needed temporary contract support while they implemented significant user changes to their Infor CRM system. One thing led to another, and now Susan has officially joined the CRMPlus team.

Susan’s personal time is spent managing her ten acre farm outside of Ocala where she keeps Arabian horses and a variety of other animals. Susan’s favorite time is when her three-year old granddaughter visits and they can spend time with the horses and go boating together.