Adding a CRM system to your company this year? Most companies consider the benefits related to the sales department when they think of a CRM system. CRM makes it easier to organize, track, monitor, and work with leads and customer information but there’s more to CRM than sales benefits. These three surprising benefits of CRM may make you think again about how customer relationship management is used within your organization.

CRM: A Philosophy Rather than a System

CRM, or customer relationship management, is more a philosophy or guiding principle for an organization than it is a computer system. Sure, there’s software involved, but it is more about your organization’s approach to lead nurturing and communications then it is to choosing a great software package. Software makes CRM easier, faster, and better, but you will get more out of it with a smart and focused approach to CRM as a holistic, organization-wide way of thinking about customer service and management.

Three Surprising Benefits

CRM systems make communications a lot easier but they also add value in surprising ways.

  1. Improved analytical data and reporting: CRM systems store a lot of customer data in one place, which makes analytical data and reporting easier, faster, and more efficient. They also integrate with other systems within your company to share consistent data. This makes running reports easier with cleaner, more accurate data. The fewer times you have to input data into a system, the fewer chances there are for data entry mistakes.
  2. Enhanced teamwork: Because contact information, call details, and other communications information is entered into one system, the entire thread of a customer’s narrative is in one location. Teams including sales, marketing, and customer service can all see the same information and work together to resolve problems and improve customer service. The shared data fosters a collaborative environment that’s helpful to all.
  3. Simple automation: Common tasks can be automated in a CRM system for time-saving efficiency. Simple automation, such as automating reports, forms, responses, and other messages can save a great deal of time. You can store report formats and templates, too, so you don’t need to “reinvent the wheel” every time a specific report is requested for a client. All of these innovations lead to time-saving and better work.

Improved Customer Service with CRM

Customers often voice frustration at having to repeat their information during conversations with different people at the same company. A CRM system logs those details into one central location so that all team members can access the information. You’ll be able to see the customer service history and provide better information to resolve customer complaints faster. Customers are saved the inconvenience of having to repeat themselves, and you’ll be able to provide better service.

CRMPlus Consulting: Choosing the Right CRM System

With the right CRM system supporting your work, your company can reap these and many other benefits. CRMPlus Consulting offers a free “CRM Success Kit” you can download to help you master the art of CRM. Contact us for more information on CRM systems for your business.